Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Qualified Referral

My qualified OUTSIDE ERN’d REFERRAL provides the contact information of a person (non-ERN member) who has expressed interest in the products or services of a fellow ERN member and is expecting a call from that ERN member.

My qualified INSIDE ERN’d REFERRAL provides my contact information to a fellow ERN member and may lead to a business opportunity.

Qualified ERN’d Referral:

  1. You have Pre-Sold your fellow ERN member to a potential customer or businessperson.
  2. All information to make contact is on the ERN’d Referral form including Name and Phone Number. The only exception is that of client confidentiality.
  3. The businessperson, to whom you are referring your fellow ERN member, is expecting your call. They know their name. They have their business card and/or ERN Directory.
  4. There must be a legitimate need for their product and/or service. The sale or transaction should be consummated in the immediate future.
  5. Any referral that does not contain all of the above is NOT an ERN’d Referral. Members should not accept any such referrals. Members should notify the ERN Referral Monitor with any problem referrals.